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Black Raspberry Jam

Black Raspberry Jam

Time: 20 mins

Freezes: Yes

Kid Friendly Tasks: Berry Pickers

It was pretty miserable and my husband would say, “tell me again why we do this.” So I made jam to answer that question. It was superb. Face it, you cannot get enough black raspberries at a decent price any other way to make jam. And what jam it is! Because of the natural pectin in the berries’ seeds you just mix equal parts berries and sugar, cook until thick and can as you always would. I don’t like Ball’s recipe because it’s a bit too sweet for me. This jam is divine on toast and in cookies. I’m hoping that when we open jars of it, deep in the middle of winter we’ll think fondly back of that warm June day when we all went picking. Pity it didn’t actually happen.

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