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Walnut Potica

Walnut Potica

Serves: 6-8

Time: 2 hrs + rising time

Freezes: Yes

Kid Friendly Tasks: Spread Filling

I have a lovely lady friend who is my pen pal in Slovenia. Recently she wrote to me about one of their Christmas traditions, potica and how she made it for her entire family as per usual. She mentioned that there were a variety of flavors, but that she herself always sticks with walnut and was planning on making another round for Easter. Well since Easter is coming up I decided to google around and try this tasty sounding Slavic holiday tradition. I found a blog of Slovenian food with a tasty sounding recipe that was different in that it called for sour cream in the dough. Now I’ve worked with sour cream doughs in the past when I’ve made usky and pelmeni and I like them quite a bit. They are richer and so easier to stretch, handle and work with so I decided to give her recipe a spin. The results were very tasty, although my potica cracked, probably because sour cream dough is weaker than regular milk dough. I’ve asked my friend for her recipe and can’t wait to compare results. Meanwhile, below is the recipe for “apple” as my children so oddly call it, probably because of the cinnamon, potica which I would totally make again on another holiday just for fun.

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