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Armenian Green Beans

Armenian Green Beans

This recipe comes to me courtesy of my husband’s Armenian grandmother. She is currently 97 and survived the Armenian Holocaust as a baby. Her parents came to this country and built a good life for […]

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"Destroyed" Green Beans

“Destroyed” Green Beans

Serves: 4

Time: 2 hrs

Freezes: Yes

Reheats: Yes

Kid Friendly Tasks: Bean Eater

Okay so right off maybe that’s not the best title. Maybe I should call them something like, soft green beans, slow cooker green beans, green beans that taste like they are from a can, but without all that added BPA. However, in my family that’s what we call them. These are the beans that are so soft that my baby can eat them (and does, my littlest adores these beans and will down a whole pile of them). These are the beans my husband likes with Thanksgiving or really any time it’s cold out.

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