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Lazy Cabbage Rolls

Lazy Cabbage Rolls

Serves: 4-6

Time: 2 hrs

Freezes: Yes

Reheats: Yes

Kid Friendly Tasks: Mixing

This past weekend was the first for cabbages at the market (mine are starting to head up at home as well, yea!) and they were two dollars for a massive cabbage. Also my favorite vendor had ground lamb for sale at last and I really prefer ground lamb to ground beef in a lot of recipes. (think karnyarik or musaka, both lamb and eggplant delights) I had to get both. Then I was faced with the challenge of what to make. I remembered again my Russian friends and their many recipes for “lazy” cabbage rolls and decided that was far and away the way to go. Instead of steaming off each individual leaf of the cabbage I used my mandolin to shred the cabbage head coarsely. Then I layered cabbage, filling, more cabbage and tomatoes. Excellent and so much faster to make. Also, because the cabbage was mixed in my children were forced to eat it vs their usual method of peeling off the cabbage and only eating filling. Damn I’m sneaky.

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