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Okra with Veggies

Okra and Veggies or Southern Style Johnnie Marzetti

Serves: 4

Time: 1 hr

Freezes: Yes

Reheats: Yes

Kid Friendly Tasks: Picking Veggies

If you’re from Columbus you will instantly know this dish. It is served in school cafeterias here and came from the area. If you’re not, you’re probably like what the heck. Basically Johnnie Marzetti is ground beef, tomatoes, maybe peppers and celery, plus elbow macaroni. You might melt some cheddar cheese on that too depending on where you’re from. It’s really good in a pasta-a-roni sort of way. I imagine it’s quite common as a dish everywhere, just with a different name. Anyway, my version, since I love okra, is standard Johnnie Marzetti, but with okra added as one of the veggies. It thickens up the sauce really nicely and is just amazing over cornbread. Even my children will eat it.

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