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Sharlotka or Russian Apple Cake

Serves: 4-6

Time: 1 hr

Kid Friendly Tasks: Stirring

For the uninitiated, Sharlotka is Russian apple cake, named it is said, after the beloved daughter Charlotte of its creator. Basically, it is like a sponge cake (so no butter or oil) with apple slices mixed in. It’s very sweet I find (probably to make up for the lack of butter, oil etc.) so it’s best to use nice tart apples for a lovely contrast. The good news is that it’s much lighter than your average cake, very much a sponge cake in that regard. It doesn’t go as far as regular cake so make extra if you’re feeding a crowd. I would not ice this cake, but would cover it in powdered sugar if you feel it needs decoration. It goes without saying that the perfect accompaniment is a hot cup of tea on a fall day, preferably from your samovar if you have one…

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