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Turkish Bamya Stew

Turkish Bamya Stew

Serves: 4

Time: 1.5 hrs

Freezes: Yes

Reheats: Yes

Kid Friendly Tasks: Picking Veggies

So I have this pen pal who lives in Germany and we both love to garden. Well, strictly speaking I loved to garden past tense as it’s been several years since I’ve actually gotten to grown anything. Something, something three kids, something. Anyway, one year we decided to trade seeds (legally I have a small seed lot permit from the USDA) and from America, among other things I decided to send her okra seeds. These were totally a new thing to her and she was stumped what to do with them once they grew like weeds for her. So I sent her a bunch of recipes. I sent my FAVORITE okra recipe ever (and I love okra, especially fried) Johnny Marzetti. (Anyone from Ohio is immediately nodding their head, others are probably like what?), a recipe for gumbo, deep fried okra and this lovely Turkish stew recipe just to show you can be different.

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